Cage: new approaches to illumination

Looking for a modular chandelier in true Creative-Cables style? Cage is the answer to your every need thanks to its clean shape that encloses the cables to create dazzling and unique suspension lamps. We like to think of them as floating sculptures!

Round or Squared?

They are available in 3 different finishes: black or white in recycled plastic and transparent in polycarbonate.


Made out of 6 elements, easy to assemble, Cage is a round structure that cages the cables creating scenographic and original shapes, real floating sculptures.


Made out of 4 elements, easy to assemble, Cage is a squared structure that cages the cables creating scenographic and original shapes, real floating sculptures.

Change shape

If you get tired of your current display, switch up your lamp’s appearance each and every time you want to by simply adding new Cages to your current one or by adjusting its placement.

Fascinating and unique shapes created through our cables are what really makes this lamp a true floating art piece

A little tip from us... Let your creativity soar and move Cage to different heights. You will have countless lamps in one, and you will never get bored!

marcello ziliani

Marcello Ziliani was born in 1963 in the city of Brescia, under the sign of Pisces. In 1988 he got his architecture degree at the Politecnico in Milan, with Achille Castiglioni as his tutor (and unparalleled teacher).
He decided to center his work on design, developing projects in various fields like interior design, illumination, complementation, bathroom and office designs, collectibles and goods also connected to the early stages of childhood, theater stage design, graphics and communication, design coordination, art-direction and exhibitions. His main focus is sustainability, “human-centered design” and “agile productivity”. He disregards absolutisms and unwavering comfort zones, he speaks softly and is an active listener. He firmly believes that deep down any project is an ambition ready to take flight.

Marcello Ziliani

What can you do?

Use a single Cage or try multiple combinations to put together the different forms that make up your own personal “chandelier creation”. There is no limit besides your imagination and the courage to act on it!