Creative Flex is the lighting system for creating single and multiple pendant lamps in all the shapes and finishes your imagination can suggest. It is bendable and adjustable with different torsions, available in 3 lengths to give shape to any lighting requirement and, obviously, customisable with 15 coatings and 5 finishes for the terminal. The ultimate in flexibility, don't you think?

15 fabrics

The 15 coverings available are designed to suit any environment. We're sure you'll find one that suits your style - we love creative!

5 Terminals

To complete your Creative Flex, we have conceived 5 finishes for the metal terminal to match all 15 available coverings according to your taste.

3 Lengths

No matter your lighting needs, we're sure you can fulfil them with Creative Flex.

Shape your ideas with Flex 30 cm!

Can you imagine what shape you would give to your moments of relaxation? Use Flex 30 cm to illuminate your reading corners, whether it's your favourite armchair, sofa or bed.

Give shape to your ideas with Flex 60 cm!

Your rooms will no longer have walls with Flex 60 cm. Imagine your friends’ admiration when they see the walls of your living room lit up with your ideas or how much personality you can give to the walls of your study.

Give shape to your ideas with Flex 90 cm!

The sky in your limit! Your rooms will no longer have boundaries with Flex 60cm. Imagine sleeping under a starry sky in the comfort of your own bed or finding inspiration by looking at the ceiling illuminated by your own ideas. These are but few suggestions... let your creativity run wild!

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Flex lamp 30

Flex lamp 90

Flex lamp 60