Indoor lighting

This section is for you, who want a ready-to-install solution to light up your rooms! Here you will find the complete lamps born from our creativity, divided into families that refer to their function and position:

  • Single pendant lights, for a single bulb
  • Multiple pendant lights, equipped with two or more light points
  • Table lamps, intended for flat surfaces
  • Wall lamps, intended for walls and walls
  • Plug-in lamps, which can be positioned anywhere thanks to the special plug
  • Flex lamps, bring the light everywhere!

Within our assortment, you will find lamps for exposed or lampshade bulbs, in both cases they can be purchased already complete with bulb too!

You don't like the standard combinations we offer? Do you have anything else in mind? Let's talk about it! Chat with one of our sales staff, write to us at