How to light your garden

No matter the size of your garden, you can create a personalised lighting system that makes the most of every corner. How? With Creative-Cables outdoor lamps!

With us you can:

  • create a customised and fully waterproof permanent light installation with EIVA, the patented outdoor system we have designed to light up any outdoor space, making it more beautiful and safer in any season. The IP65 rating of the components (ceiling rose, lamp holder and T-joint) will protect them from water and rain, whatever configuration you want to create!

  • Create an easily removable installation with LUMET, our customisable IP44-rated string lights system. You will be able to choose the color and length of the cable, as well as the number and position of the components to create a lighting garland to your personal taste.


How to illuminate your porch

Do you want to illuminate your porch in the best possible way to make it beautiful and safe at any time?

If so, our water-resistant EIVA lamps, are exactly what will do for you:

  • With wall lights you can illuminate the doorway, any door to the garden or a veranda with elegance and ease of installation. All you need is a ready-made connection and matching components you like best!

  • With pendant lights, you can use both wall and ceiling connections to illuminate the doorway or veranda according to your needs. With the decentralised pendants you can let the light fall where you need it and make the most of the height of your outdoor space!

  • With the plug-in lamps, our Snake EIVA, you can bring (and move) the light wherever you want, thanks to the IP44 plug. They are a great solution for people living in rented homes, holiday homes or for those who like to change the layout of their furniture often. And the best thing is that you can configure them any way you want!!


How to illuminate your terrace

Do you have a terrace, a large balcony or a berceau? pYou can easily illuminate it by making custom installations with Creative-Cables.

Here are 4 questions to help you choose the best solution for you:

  1. Are you looking for a fixed installation or a temporary one? Thanks to their plugs, our LUMET string lights and EIVA snakes are perfect for temporary lighting installations. To take advantage of existing ceiling and wall connections, with us you can create specially-made lighting, by using the EIVA ceiling rose as a starting point. 

  2. Do you need one or more lighting points? With EIVA components you can realise a wide-ranging light system, by distributing the light wherever it is needed and making spaces welcoming and, naturally, beautiful.

  3. What types of connections can you use for your lighting?Depending on whether you have one or more connections you can create a single lighting system from a single connection, or use all points in the system with multiple individual lamps, you will be able to choose the best solution for you!

  4. Where to start from? With our outdoor lighting systems you can use either a socket or a wall and ceiling lighting point. In each case you can move, decentralise, design and plan the perfect single or multiple light source lighting for your terrace.


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