SPOSTALUCE: take the light anywhere you want

Install ceiling and wall lights to create your own tailored lighting system, even if there is no connection to the electrical circuit.


With the complete Spostaluce lamps, you can create original and functional lighting solutions without being constrained by the pre-existing electrical circuit. The cable and side-hole ceiling roses allow you to install each lamp where you need it, illuminating all of the areas you want and how you want!

Configure yout Spostaluce system

01. Start with the light points

Choose the number of light points you wish to install (from 1 to infinity!) and configure them according to your requirements. Do you prefer naked bulbs or would you like to add one or more lampshade? Do you require angle-adjustable or fixed lamps?

02. Choose the style

Select the Spostaluce lamps in your preferred metal finish, reflecting the style you want to re-create and connect them together using the round cable supplied.

03. Complete your creation

Add switches and plugs to create a wall lamp that is connected to the power through a socket and complete your light points with Creative-Cables bulbs and lampshades.

Get inspired

Spostaluce, the metal light source with fabric cable and side holes